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Hotels With Restaurant, Agartala

Hotel Somraj Regency

none, Agartala

3.67KM from Barjala Mouja
For the rooted traveller who values the experience of travel equally with the luxury on offer, the Hotel Somraj Regency hotel in Agartala suits perfectly. Located at Hari Ganga Basak Road, Badharghat, Near Swati Bazar,,n ...
Ginger Hotel

Barjala Mouja, Agartala

0KM from Barjala Mouja
The Ginger Hotel located in Agartala is a property which has been able to rise above the competition to establish a presence of its own. Situated at Khejur Bagan Airport Road, Opposite Industrial Office,,Barjala MoujaAg ...
Hotel City Centre

Madhyapara Lane, Agartala

3.6KM from Barjala Mouja
Hotels such as Hotel City Centre provide high-end hospitality at prices which do not burn a hole in the pocket. Located at 39 Hari Ganga Basak Road,Madhyapara,Madhyapara LaneAgartala it is a well-known property in the vi ...
Hotel Sonar Tori

none, Agartala

3.61KM from Barjala Mouja
The Hotel Sonar Tori located in Agartala is a perfect example of a hotel which provides great services at affordable rates. Located at Ronaldsay Road,Besides Fire Brigade HQ,noneAgartala this property provides the best ...
Hotel Rajdhani

none, Agartala

2.59KM from Barjala Mouja
For the experienced traveller, a hotel such as Hotel Rajdhani in Agartala sets a parameter of quality services combined with obscenely low prices. Situated at BK Rd, Banamalipur, Agartala, Hotel Rajdhani is a General hot ...
Royal Guest House

none, Agartala

2.62KM from Barjala Mouja
The hotels which provide a clean environment and quick services at affordable rates are the ones which score big, for instance, the Royal Guest House hotel in Agartala. A value-for-money service provider, it is situated ...
Hotel Jaipur Palace

none, Agartala

3.34KM from Barjala Mouja
There are travellers, there are backpackers, and then there’s another kind which treads a fine line between the two, for whom the Hotel Jaipur Palace hotel in Agartala is ideal. Situated at Old Thana Road, KashariPatti ...
Hotel Longtrai

none, Agartala

2.99KM from Barjala Mouja
Booking a good budget hotel such as Hotel Longtrai is a Herculean task. Situated in Agartala at J.B Road, Agartala, this property provides a massive relief from those dreaded hotel-hunting trips. Hotel Longtrai is a Gene ...

Booking Of Hotels With Restaurant, Agartala

Agartala features in almost every bucket list of travel afficianados. A few of the properties here, for instance the high-end hotels that include Ginger Hotel, Hotel Sonar Tori, Hotel City Centre, Hotel Jaipur Palace are equipped with restaurants that serve delicacies from a variety of cuisines. Green Touch, Hotel Longtrai, Hotel Rajdhani, Royal Guest House, Hotel Somraj Regency are some of the other properties with quality restaurants available within, finding which might lead to huge efforts otherwise. Situated in the periphery of popular spaces such as Chandrapur Masjid, Jagannath Temple, Ujjayanta Palace, Dumbur Falls, Rudrasagar Lake, these properties also provides options for shopping and entertainment needs. The properties also take care of the fundamental needs of the guests through efficient supply of facilities such as Luggage storage, In-room safe, Refrigerator-Room, Television-Room, Minibar.